Coal Mining

Besides Power Producer, PT. Dizamatra Powerindo is also a coal mining company and was incorporated in 1994. The company main operation is located in Lahat, South Sumatera - Indonesia.

Mining permit and decision by Bupati Lahat about "Izin Usaha Pertambangan Operasi Produksi Nomor: 503/172/KEP/PERTAMBEN/2010" for 20 years. In addition, PT. Dizamatra Powerindo has already got the "Clean & Clear Certificate" from Directorate General of Minerals & Coal at Announcement of Stage VIII.

Our Mining is geographically located between  3° 43' 18.48” S to 3° 45' 38.18” S Latitude and between 103° 35' 54.24” E to 103° 38' 47.04” E Longitude, on Sumatera Island, in South Sumatera Province, Lahat Regency, Sub-District of West Merapi. The mine of PT Dizamatra Powerindo can be reached in five hours from Palembang.

Since 2010 the Company has been producing sub-bituminous coal having in average following coal characteristic:

  • Calorific Value 4784.2 (kcal/kg GAR)
  • Total Moisture 29% (ar)
  • Total Suplhur 0.7 % (adb)
  • Ash Content 11.6 % (adb)
  • Volatile Matter 37.93 % (adb)
  • Fixed Carbon 36.86 % (adb)

This product is used for the domestic market as well as for export.
As per reference of the technical report JORC 2012 (Australia), PT Dizamatra Powerindo has potential of minable coal resource in the amount of 205 million tons (Block B).

According to the JORC report (code 2012) issued by PT. New Resource Mine Consulting (PT. NRM), the company's mine-able resource in Block B amounts to 205 million tons.

Coal Resource :

- Block A                         14.200.000 tones
- Block B (JORC 2012)    205.000.000 tones
                                   219.200.000 tones

Coal Reserve :
- Block A                         10.750.000 tones
- Block B (JORC 2012)     139.100.000 tones
                                    149.850.000 tones

The company conducts mining operation using conventional cast type: land clearance, stripping (top soil, over-burden, coal), hauling, dumping/stocking (top soil. over-burden, coal). During mining mine water is pumped and discharged into settling ponds to control environmental impacts.